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IEEE Author's Workshop F. Peña (2017/11/20): Best practices to publish in IEEE journals

This workshop will be focused on best practices for publishing in IEEE journals.

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Seminario divulgativo Fco. Muñoz 30/08/2017: Economic Inefficiencies in cost-based electricity market designs

Some restructured power systems rely on audited cost information instead of competitive bids for the dispatch and pricing of electricity in real time, particularly in hydro systems in Latin America.…

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Seminario divulgativo Fereidoon P. Sioshansi 14/07/2017 : How innovation and disruptions is reshaping the future of the power sector

The electric power sector is undergoing fundamental transformations at an unprecedented pace brought about due to rapid uptake of distributed energy resources or DERs, a two-edged sword which is…

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Aula de investigación B. Hobbs 2017/03/15: Crediting Renewables in Electricity Capacity Markets:The Effects of Alternative Definitions upon Market Efficiency

As the penetration of intermittent renewable energy in electricity markets grows, there is increasing need for capacity markets to account for the contribution of renewables to system adequacy. An…

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Aula de investigación Benjamin Hobbs 2017//02/21: How We Can Use Optimization to Design Electric Power Markets to Support Socially Optimal Decisions

Restructuring of the power industry was intended to provide incentives for more efficient operation and investment. By "efficiency", I mean full accounting of all social benefits and…

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Seminario divulgativo J.Gorenstein 2016_11_03: Transmission and Generation Development Simulation for The Northern Seas Offshore Grids

Only a few offshore interconnectors currently exist between Northern European power systems, but many more are in a planning stage. The Northern Seas offshore grid will connect these systems and…

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Seminario divulgativo Daniel Leston 2017/03/29 : Do you know about Blockchain? How does it fit in the Utility of the Future?

Block-chain is proving to be a very efficient technology to handle networked industries. This seminar aims to increase awareness and understanding of the blockchain technology and its possible…

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